Glossary – Common Terms


In order to find an apartment in New York City, you have to look far and wide.  You need to know people and inquire about openings.  


You need to be on your game and be savvy.  It takes even more skill in order to come across a luxury apartment that doesn’t require an extra realtors fee.  Below you will see some keywords that may help you to find an apartment and the definitions of what you will be looking for.


  1. Manhattan luxury studio apartments: A luxury studio apartment that is located anywhere on NYC’s Manhattan Island.
  2. Luxury Midtown West apartments: An apartment with luxury finishes and amenities located in the Midtown West neighborhood.
  3. NYC apartment with pool: Any apartment building that includes a pool as a resident’s amenities.
  4. Apartments Midtown NYC: This is any apartment that is located in the entire Midtown region.
  5. No fee luxury apartments NYC: This is strictly no-fee apartments located in all areas of New York City.