Professional real estate team from NYC “Pokemon Go is the next sales point”.

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What if I told you your residence is worth thousands because of the Pokemon Go phenomenon? Ok, let me put this more simply. If you´ve heard of the Pokemon Go fever you know people actually go crazy searching for its  creatures “in the real world” and would do anything, believe me ANYTHING to catch as many Pokemon as possible.  Even if that meant they have to buy a new house rich in Pokemon in the area.

property management nyc company, professional brokerage team nyc

As crazy as it seems, game lovers are starting to search for residences to buy or rent where they can find Pokemon. to make “their dream come true”.

Pokemon Go is a game that in only a week has revolutionized the technology area achieving records in downloads and generating millions of dollars a day!


A professional brokerage team in NYC is considering using the Nintendo App functions as an interesting new sales point.  They think some apartments searching apps like may include Pokemon Go related data around the properties being able, this way, to increase their sales.


Craiglisters, for example, had started to list residences according to the proximity of Pokemon gyms and Pokestops as a way of attracting potential roommates.


Advertisings such as “There is a gym, two Pokestops and the last owner found a Mewtwo here” or “Pokemon and Poke Stop right in the room, you can catch´ em all while laying on the bed” can be find more often in different publications.


Also, a property management NYC company plays with the fact that some Pokemon are rare and very hard to find, so they list houses and apartments located in areas where people can actually find this rare creatures. Good strategy right?

The truth is people are fascinated with this game and even if you do agree or not. The fever that this game has unleashed is real. So my dear real estate friends and owners of residences for sale, maybe this is the right moment to take advantage of this massive craziness and start publishing your homes (with Pokemons nearby) at really VERY convenient prices for you and I have no doubt they will take it out of your hands!


So is the world my friends!


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