High-quality apartments in Manhattan – 5 things you should expect from them.

high-quality apartments in manhattan

If you have the chance to move to a High-quality apartment in Manhattan, you are not only very lucky but you shouldn´t miss this tips that for sure will help you in your search before finding the apartment of your dreams.

high-quality apartments in manhattan
high-quality apartments in manhattan

You´ve been willing to move for so long, you´ve searched the web and consulted various Real States Agents and still can´t find the one that suites you, that one apartment that will make you lose your sleep.

That was until you ran into this blog and you find out there were cool people like me willing to help you out and give you the best tips (modesty aside)

So the question is, what should you expect from High-quality apartments in Manhattan? The best and nothing but the best, excellence in all its senses, in its amenities, location, services, etc.So here are five tips you should take into account and expect when renting or why not, buying these luxury high quality apartments in Manhattan:

1- High-Quality amenities-Find your place to relax.

A good building must include the necessary amenities so as to keep their hosts happy! An Olympic swimming pool, Playroom , Sauna and a complete Fitness Room for sure will make you feel in paradise and that it´s worth its value. An Spa could be a matter of health depending on your job because relaxing is the most healthy routine you can adopt. An SPA in the building can save you time and money because you will not need to go an SPA out there.

2. Spectacular views!-Feel in Heaven.

Yes! views must be spectacular, not just nice views of the city. You are paying to get the best, then expect the best. Try moving to a high floor as you are going to appreciate more its views, Windows should be very big so as to take advantage of the sun during the day and appreciate the city lights during the night. It´s eco-friendly and a money saver at same time. Put your slippers on, lay back on your couch and enjoy its wonderful view!!

3. Fine furniture-High quality inside your apartment.

You are searching for the best apartment in Manhattan, so the apartment you are moving to must offer the best building materials. Personally I love apartments with wood as they give a very homelike style and looks really nice! You can find beautiful designer decorated apartments with a unique style and don´t expect less than that, searched for the best? Get the best for your money because they will cash you the best!

4. Superb Location-Rock it baby!

If you are going to pay for one of the best apartments in Manhattan, take into account it is located at an exclusive place. Don´t pay more if your apartment is not excellently well located. Remember this is the place you are going to live every day, so the fact that it´s near the most fashionable places is not a minor thing. Now put on your best dress darling, that, as Bryan Adams says: “There will never be another tonight!”

5. Excellent service- Feel like a Queen in Queens!

Not only location, amenities and Fine furniture is important, excellent service in your building is a must. A helpful concierge, efficient chambermaids and nice charming people willing to help you with your bags, places to visit, etc is something to take into account. Maybe not all building apartments count with personnel working in it, but if you do have the chance to move to one of this exclusive apartments, definitely do it!

So my advice to you is to make your money worth it, you are paying fortunes to rent or buy one of these luxury apartments in Manhattan, so squeeze them to the maximum!!!

Hope you enjoyed my article and remember comments, opinions and whatever you need to express is welcome!!!

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West Side Pyramid and Other Current-Age Pyramids

west side pyramid
west side pyramid
The West Side Pyramid in Manhattan is actually an apartments building.

As an architect I always felt attracted to shapes and modern buildings so it´s my pleasure to introduce you to the fabulous world of the most exclusive and awesome pyramid shape buildings around the world!

Oh! Wait a minute! So you thought Pyramids exist only in Egypt?

Nooo way!! After you read this article you´ll be so impressed about men´s power to create you will definitely want to visit or, why not, live in this huge edifications and feel like a real Pharaoh! So let´s start choosing some of my favorites and…OMG just take a look at this one! By far my favorite!

1. The Great Pyramid of Manhattan (or West side pyramid)- absolutely marvelous

I wonder why you never thought about finding a huge Pyramid in West Side  the middle of the Big Apple? Decades ago that would be nearly impossible, but…NYC always surprises us and makes everything possible!

Located in VIA 57West and a creation of the most talented architects worldwide , Bjarke Ingels, is this fabulous Pyramid Shape building that rises 467ft and is 35 stories tall!. Its artist (cause to me architects are also superb artists) prefer to call this building a Tetrahedron, although everyone knows it as a pyramid and the best of all you don´t need to be a Pharaoh to lay inside this “Pyramid”

TBH yes, average rent here´s still high but come on! Make your best effort and enjoy your stay, as studio apartments are yet affordable!

2.The Louvre Pyramid-to me one of the seven wonders of the world!

This is probably the most popular Pyramid known worldwide. There´s no doubt timeless Geometry is here to stay and that many architects had focused on creating this kind of buildings with pyramid shapes.

The Louvre Pyramid, located in Paris, is not only visited by millions of tourists around the world, but hides a treasure of the most famous paintings of renowned artists of all times. Ok I´m sounding kind of formal here, I´m taking out the architect in me!  Although no one is YET living at this building, maybe you get lucky and rent a room! Of course, only if you are a celebrity 😀

3. The Pyramid house- Get ready to turn heads!

This is undoubtedly one of my favorites! Love watching this picture of a house with pyramid shape! Isn´t it awesome? I find it so original, I´m planning to move to a place like this one! (not that I can afford it, but ok, that´s another problem)

This unique house was build my Mexican architect Juan Carlos Ramos and it’s a comfy three story home with two bedrooms, library, studio, bathroom with pool and all the etc´s possible! Ready to move in?? Okkk don´t forget about me! DAE?

4. Luxur Hotel-“What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas”

Life doesn´t stop surprising me and that´s so cool! Just look at this pyramid-shape Hotel build. Nothing more and nothing less than in sin city!

This 30-story hotel owned and operated by MGM Resorts International is the best place EVER, to have fun!
Wouldn´t you love to spend at least, just ONE night here? Oh come on! This place is absolutely fabulous!! Invite your friends in and don´t worry babe! What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas!! Yeah!!

Hope you had fun and at the same time got informed after reading my wonderful articles, ha! Remember I´m an architect and I´m here to serve you so… if you have any questions…AMA!!
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New York City Dream Apartments and Buildings: Courtney House NY

Dream apartment picture
Dream apartment picture
NYC apartments that are some form of dream.

When I first arrived to NYC I haven’t had the slightest idea which place I could stay at. I knew I couldn’t afford a luxury hotel but at the same time I do want to find a nice, familiar place to spend the rest of my days at this amazing city. For the first week my friend, Carla, offered me to stay at her beautiful apartment to which I agree very happily, not until she told me she owed a cat…and I´m allergic to cats!

Oh my God…how stressful it was. My best friend was offering me with all her heart that beautiful place to stay at and I was afraid a massive allergic reaction would take me straight away to the hospital! Fortunately, nothing of that happened but…just in case… after a few days I started looking for another place to spend my stay.

Carla recommend for me to stay at Courtney House, she told me it was a beautiful place where I would feel really comfortable and enjoy its incredible services.
I went to visit this place and what I saw really amazed me, that same day I made my reservation and moved to Courtney House. (official website is here http://www.courtneyhouseny.com/ in case you want to check it out)

I´m going to name you 5 things I really loved from this place and that made my stay unforgettable:

1. Excellent service-staff at your disposal!

Nice, helpful people will surround you all the time, asking you weather if you need something or what can they do to make your stay pleasant. At Courtney House you will find a very familiar place to stay, it´s cozy and comfortable, so don´t doubt to choose this place when travelling to NYC.


2. Excellent location-Live in the middle of it all!

If you stay at Courtney House distances will be no stress to you at all as you will be living in the middle of it all! Imagine having the chance to access WALKING to different shops, fancy restaurants and malls, isn´t it great??? So take the chance!


3. Parking garage-Keep your car safe and sound!

One of the most common problems in a big City like New York is that it´s very hard to find a place to park your car and if you do you´ll probably get a traffic ticket, that, believe me, you won´t be able to afford.

At Courtney House your beloved car will sleep inside and you will relax knowing you can sleep without having nightmares of monstrous traffic tickets!


4. 24 hour concierge-That will be your sentinel!

Feeling safe and knowing you can count on someone if anything unplanned happens or if you are not feeling very well is awesome!! At Courtney House you will be able to count 24/7 with its Concierge, a very kind and helpful man who will always try to work things out for you the best as possible!!


5. Great value for money! – Pay less get more.

Why pay more if you can stay at a wonderful place with the services of a 5 star hotel, paying less! Courtney House is very accessible and yet it will offer you their best service ever. So come on! stop wasting your money and stay at this beautiful and friendly unique Hotel one of the best NYC buildings. You will love it!


So here is my humble opinion about Courtney House and hope after reading this article you make your mind and decide to stay at this wonderful place.

Feel free to comment or share this post! I´ll see you at my next article! 😀