Making a Pool Party in Your NYC Apartment with Pool

nyc apartments with pool ultra luxury manhattan apartments


Who doesn´t love parties and hanging out with friends?? I always wanted to live in an apartment with a pool to fully enjoy it.  Not just for swimming and tanning but most of all to organize a superb party everyone would remember.

nyc apartments with pool ultra luxury manhattan apartments
Nothing compares to pool 🙂

Now, having a pool is cool, but, having a pool at ultra luxury Manhattan apartments rocks!!


A couple of months ago, I decided to move to an apartment in Manhattan (btw you can check it here ), but not just any apartment. To me, amenities really make the difference, so I decided to search for an apartment  with pool and of course and rent it with no fee. That way I would save lots of money (and believe me when I say LOTS is LOTS) and organize an amazing pool party with my friends. That was kind of a dream I am now making come true!


So I decided to write down tips and ideas of how to organize my unique pool party with a barbecue! (Yes! the best combination of all time!)

It´s summer, it´s hot, it Rocks!!! Wooow! So what do we need apart from fresh delicious meat and vegetables?

Making a pool party in your NYC apartment with pool.


  • Think of original invitations. Yes, do it the old way! Not just sending an email or WhatsApp, that´s boring! Think about the number of friends you are planning to invite and create personalized invitations.  Maybe with a funny quote and a picture. Use your imagination and do it your own way.


  • Fresh fruits to make spectacular cocktails and drinks. My friends and I are over 21, so yes! We can prepare a couple of drinks and have a great time! Cosmopolitan, Dirty Martini or Tequila Sunrise are great options! You can also prepare non-alcoholic juices, using seasonal fruits. Lots of color, ice and straws will make your day!


  • Think of colorful decoration. We have different ways of doing this, buying balloons, streamers, color glasses and everything it takes to bring life to your party! Also, you can create funny animals with your fruits. Turtles, crocodiles or whales are just some ideas. You can use watermelon spine to create a shell and cut it till you give it shape. Come on! Bring out the artist in you!


  • Pool Toys, this is mandatory! People not only love to swim and jump into the pool but also to use toys! Squirt guns, swimming noodles, and diving items can be some ideas, also if you are up to sports use a volleyball net. The idea is to have fun all the possible ways!


  • Music!! – Unmissable!! What´s a party if there´s no music in the air? Is it not a party, right? So prepare your best music selection with the top songs of the moment and get ready to spend a wonderful time!!!



So here are my 5 tips to prepare the party of your life at New York City apartments with pool!!! Now it´s my turn! But I don´t mind if you copy my ideas! So go ahead and just like me, make your day!!

Have a wonderful day!