Throw a holiday pool party in Manhattan.

nyc apartment with pool

NYC apartment with pool : Organizing a party

nyc apartment with pool

Organizing a party is always fun and exciting, and if you own a NYC apartment with pool it couldn´t be better!

In Manhattan you´ve got millions of amazing things to do. Places to hang out and top restaurants to dine.It´s almost impossible to get bored in this frenetic city, and if you love spending time with your friends, throwing you own holiday pool party is the best way to spend your time!

So what about organizing a Halloween or Thanksgiving party in the pool?

What things you should take into consideration? River Place located at 650 West, 42nd Street    ( a place where luxury meets function and play. An oasis by the river, you will surely enjoy to the fullest as it offers its residents a unique lifestyle.

Its no fee rental apartments offer spacious studios, one and two bedroom residences in a superb environment where residents are greeted by a doorman and concierge every time they come home.

Just steps away from Time Square, most of its apartments feature floor to ceiling windows, hardwood floors, amazing kitchens, stainless steel appliances and modern bathrooms with marble finishes.

It also offers fun activities and great amenities, such as a superb fitness center, a huge swimming pool (where you can plan your holiday party!), outdoor tennis courts, indoor basketball, doorman, concierge and much more!

Also, if you have kids at home…

…you can take them to the playroom where they will have a wonderful time! This is simply the best place to live, which also offers its residents a complete event calendar to help you plan ahead for your next activity or party!

Plan your event at the River Club Lounge in the private waterfront setting!

You´ve got several apartments to choose from in this wonderful place and I´ve chosen the perfect residence for you!Rent a one bedroom apartment for $3790 and start enjoying everything Riverplace has to offer!


A very nice and luxurious apartment, you will surely get the most out of it! And meanwhile plan your party with friends in the exclusive lounge!

For Halloween, of course, you must use your best costume! Which character do you identify with? Frankenstein? Dracula? Or maybe a modern horror killer like Jason or Michael Myers?


You choose the apartment! Make the party yours!


Decoration is also a must! Pumpkins, together with spiders and spider webs cannot miss! And if you decide to make the party at night, candles are also a good complemental choice.

Make your list, invite your friends, put on your bathing suites and choose the best masks! For sure whatever you plan to do, if it´s with friends, there´s no doubt it will be a success!



Manhattan luxury studio apartments are the new black for artists.

Manhattan luxury studio apartments


When we think about artists we think about creative people. We imagine them with a bohemian style, carefree and brilliant. At least that´s how I see them.  To me artists are undoubtedly necessary in this world.

Now, we also ask the question of why they choose luxury studios to live, instead of houses or huge apartments in Manhattan.

Manhattan luxury studio apartments
Manhattan luxury studio apartments

There are several tips that give us the guidelines to think why a certain style of home is perfect for them.


A studio apartment is different from anything we can imagine, it´s inspirational and cozy and that one space can have it all.


Most artists need a place where they can find themselves, a place where they can feel of there “own” and that leads them to inspiration.

Windows with its landscapes can be truly motivating and besides, unlike other apartments there are easy to clean.


Not only in Manhattan artists prefer studios, in Berlin for example, there are different internet sites specialized in finding studios for artists and you´ll be surprised to see how beautiful and practical they are.

Ateliers specially designed for them where they can carry out their most unpredictable imaginations.


Manhattan is the maelstrom. Among the activity and craziness it´s not always easy to find an apartment in midtown NYC where you can live, work and get inspired, but… those who seeks, find!  There are truly wonderful ateliers, lofts and studios for those who wish to live comfortable without losing its luxury. You can find a NYC apartment with pool and other amenities or a studio in a building that also has it all. Who said a studio can´t be luxurious? It is not only the coolest place on earth to live but you can make the most of it if you know how to make use of its space.


The best is to find no fee luxury apartments in NYC in order to save our money and there are for sure many studios available at a reasonable price.

River Place ), the ultimate luxury building in New York offers luxury studios with fine furniture and superb overviews to the Hudson River. This is a perfect place to live at, excellently located just a few steps away from Times Square and offering the best services and amenities.  Amenities such as an indoor swimming pool, children´s playroom, shuttle bus and private parking, among others. So if you are an artist willing to move to this area this is for sure your best studio to live at.


Use your studio and turn it into a creative space, a place of your own, where your best creative ideas can arouse.


Paint it the way you like it best, use cheerful colors and bring life to it. Make it your own style, feel comfortable and try to keep it neat and tidy…well not sure if that´s possible!


Just ask yourself how would you like the place you are living to look like?


There are different ways you can transform your home and make it a wonderful place! Come on you are an artist, use your imagination!

Studios are awesome and not also artists but ordinary people prefer them every day, they´ve got that something that other apartments just don´t have so take advantage of it and enjoy it to the fullest!