Classic vs modern residences – Flatiron district NYC.

Modern residences in Flatiron District, New York City

Modern residences in Flatiron District, New York City

Modern residences in Flatiron District, New York City

Classic or modern residences? Do you know the difference between the two? Why some people choose classic apartments rather than modern?

We can find amazing modern residences in the Flatiron District NYC you will love, even if you prefer a classic style.


Both have their own charm, both styles can be really exciting, but let´s look at the differences between them. After reading this post maybe you can make your decision on how to decorate your next home.

Modern has a clean-lined structure, while in classic residences you can find a traditional style. Pre-war buildings usually have this kind of structure and deco.


You can also find apartments for rent with modern roof terraces, something very common nowadays, where this type of construction can be seen quite often.

So let´s take a look and see these two styles in different apartments in Flatiron District:


  1. Modern Studio for rent-Chelsea.

In this beautiful studio, located in Chelsea at 315 7th Avenue, we can appreciate a clean style which indicates to us it´s a modern structure, but what stands out most is the type of lighting used. Dichroic are also considered modern. Take a look!


  1. Classic 3 bedroom apartment. 5th

Although, this fabulous residence features dichroic lights we can also consider it classic, because of the shape of its windows, hardwood floors, and walls. It´s traditional, cozy and amazing!

It has a mix of both, classic and modern. Take a look at the bathroom, it is totally modern, while the living area with its bricks, as well as, the kitchen, gives it a classic style.


  1. Modern 2 bed, 2 bath apartment, ultra-luxury at Chelsea.

Ultra-luxury and yet modern is this two bed, two bath apartment located at W29th St. apt 49C. It features 951 SQFT. And has stunning views of the Empire Estate Building.

Take a look at its décor, its dichroic lights, metallic walls, and furniture give it a modern style!

This building represents a new level of sophisticated city living.


  1. Classic One bedroom apartment-Chelsea.

If we take a look at the pictures in this apartment located on Sixth Avenue in North Chelsea, apt 16L we can see it’s a classic unit in a modern building.

Some of its décor is modern, such as the main picture hanging in the living room and the furniture in the dining room.

But as a whole, we appreciate a classic style.


  1. Modern luxury one bedroom apartment –West 29th

Live in luxury at its finest in this amazing “Hotel Style Living” apartment at Perkins Eastman.

We can appreciate the modern style through its white color and decorations. It has a clean structure easy to distinguish between classic and modern. A Beautiful style to consider.


Now that you have an idea of the difference between classic vs modern style, I  hope youa re able to choose your favorite. If you are searching for classic residences in Flatiron District, be aware that eco-friendly apartments for rent in NYC are usually modern residences so maybe you can look for a prewar building structure.

Anyway, whatever building you chose to live in, you can use your own decoration, and your own style, it will surely be the best! So go ahead and rent your next modern or classic apartment and make it beautiful and personal!