4 Uses for Your 2nd Bedroom When You Live Alone in a 2 Bedroom Apartment

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If you are planning to move to a two-bedroom apartment in New York City and you live alone, it could yet be a great idea to turn the 2nd bedroom in something else than a forgotten stuff-storage area! Here some ideas you may love.

My friend Patty used to live with her sister Anna in a beautiful two Room apartment in NYC until Anna decided to move for work to another state. Not knowing what to do in such a big place, Patty thought about moving to a one bedroom studio and asked me for advice.

What I told her definitely made her mind and motivated her to stay where she was taking advantage of the fact of having a second room available. A week later her sis left and finding herself in a kind of “crisis” I spoke to her by the phone and told her:

“Patty, you know I love you, but…you are making a world out of this! Who doesn´t love to live in the center of New York City with a two bedroom apartment which fortunately you can afford!” She listened to me carefully and then I added: “Now I´m going to give you for reasons why I think you should stay where you are and then tell me what you think”:

1. Use the second bedroom as a walking closet area.

Yes! What woman does not love to have hundreds of different clothes and shoes and find no place where to keep them? Using this room will save you lots of space and your new “wardrobe” will look great with everything in sight!

2. Use that second room as your private office.

You are an executive worker, you work 24/7 with your cellphone and PC, you need you own space to keep everything need and tidy. You´ll feel great knowing you can use that space for work!

3. Create your own personal library.

I know you love reading so all those books you keep in the warehouse garage take them to that second bedroom and build a beautiful library where you will be able to read each book and relax as you always wanted.

4. And last but not least, create a beautiful playroom for your niece.

Your brother has a beautiful 2-year-old child and I heard you more than once protest saying you don´t have space to play with your little niece, so come on! Here´s your chance to build a place specially designed for her! Paint the room in pink, buy toys and decorate it as a real princess “castle”. I´m sure after that she´ll be so fascinated she´ll love you even more!! And will want to go and visit you more often….and your brother will definitely be grateful.

After she heard my reasons she automatically answered back and cried: “OH YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! NO WONDER YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!” 😉

She hasn´t decided yet which of the four tips will choose but at least she is sure of not moving to another place.

I hope this testimony was useful for you and come on! encourage yourself to transform your second bedroom and to make the most of it according to your needs, I´m sure you will not regret it! 🙂