The Bronx is Famous for its Diverse Culture


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People all over the world know the Bronx as home of the New York Yankees baseball team, the world-class exhibits at the Bronx Zoo and the free admission on Wednesdays at the New York Botanical Gardens. Tourists travel from all ends of the earth to visit the sites at the Bronx. Others come to live there and make the Bronx their home.


The Bronx: Borough of Diversity

The Bronx, the northern borough of New York City, is a cultural melting pot and the third most densely populated county in the United States. The Bronx has an amazing and rich history, it’s the birthplace of hip hop and, by extension, the dominant youth culture of the entire world. The name “Bronx” originated with Swedish born Jonas Bronck, who established the first settlement in the area as part of the New Netherland colony in 1639. According to a 2013 Census Bureau estimate, 54.6% of the population was of Hispanic or Latino origin, 45.8%  was white, 43.3% was African American, 4.2% Asian, 3.0% American Indian, 0.4% Pacific Islander, and 3.3% of two or more races making the Bronx an extremely diverse cultural borough.


Included in the 3.3% of two or more races is a growing community from Ghana. According to Sarpong,  a dean at a local high school and a promoter of anything that will bring attention to his fellow Ghanaians, “We’re an invisible community. The American mainstream, they simply don’t recognize this culture. This culture needs more spotlight. Ghanaians are so loving, so helpful and kind. They’re just invisible.” It’s a culture with deep religious roots—most émigrés, like most Ghanaians back home, are Christian, but there’s a substantial Muslim population as well—and one that places a premium on education. As a result, many have done well. The highest-status jobs in Ghana are likely doctors and nurses.  Estimates are that two-thirds of Ghanaians in the Bronx are working in the health care field, often beginning as home health aides and working to earn a nursing license.

Apartments for Rent in Bronx 

There are several Bronx apartments to house the many different diverse cultures. Parkchester is a planned community built in the 1940’s and located in the southeast Bronx. Its boundaries, starting from the north and moving clockwise, are East Tremont Avenue to the north, Castle Hill Avenue to the east, the Cross-Bronx Expressway- Cross-Bronx Expressway-Westchester Avenue to the south and White Plains Road to the west.  In the Community of Parkchester, you can get a number of No Fee rental units that are reasonably priced.  According to the 2009-13 American Community Survey of the Census, 45.6 percent of Parkchester’s residents identify themselves as black or African-American, 33.7 percent as Hispanic, 15.3 percent as Asian and 3.6 as percent white.


The average Bronx apartment for rent is as follows – Studio $2,474, one bedroom $2,495, two bedrooms $3,006 and three bedrooms $3,908. However, at Parkchester a one bedroom apartment could be as low as $1,230 per month, $1,585 for a two bedroom apartment and $1,890 for a three bedroom. With over 12,000 units, Parkchester, a 129 landscaped acre planned community in the eastern Bronx, is composed of 171 four-sided brick buildings, either 8 or 13 stories in height and was designed with aesthetics in mind as evidenced by intricate patterns of brickwork.


The development contains 500 terra cotta statuettes and 600 plaques such as bullfighters, animal figurines, soldiers, mermaids and Native American chiefs. Parkchester, the most vibrant and affordable in NYC Bronx rentals, offers reasonably priced apartments that are spacious and airy with windowed kitchens and bathrooms.


The heart of Parkchester lies in the Aileen B. Ryan Oval, formerly called the Metropolitan Oval, where residents relax on benches as they gaze at the water-spouting nymphs in the plaza’s central fountain. Children ride scooters and parents push babies in strollers. There are also art classes, salsa dancing and knitting circles, etc. Supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurants, banks, hair salons, laundromats and a post office are at residents’ doorsteps. The main commercial strip on Metropolitan Avenue has a Starbucks, an Applebee’s restaurant and a Macy’s. The recreational facilities include playgrounds, a baseball field and basketball and handball courts.