Empty 2nd room? Use it for good!

Empty 2nd room? Use it for good!

4 exclusive tips for using your empty second bedroom in Nyc.

Manhattan Luxury meets personal safety: NYC apartments with children´s playroom

NYC apartments with children´s playroom

NYC apartments with children´s playroom

If you love Manhattan, and are planning to move to an apartment, take into consideration that if you own children it is almost mandatory you find NYC apartments with children´s playroom (like this one  https://www.riverplacenyc.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/childrens-playroomThere are several reasons why this is necessary.


Just imagine you have your kids and you need to do some personal things, or simply keep them entertained, and have a good time without having to get out of your home.A playroom in a big city like Manhattan offers the tranquility of knowing your kids are safe, having a wonderful time, supervised and happy!


On the other hand, adults also need privacy, from simple things like taking a long relaxing bath, or errands like going shopping, visiting a friend or just stay at home but simply….relaxing and enjoying the sounds of silence.


You can find apartments in Midtown West which offer this amenity.  River Place, located at 650 West 42nd Street, you can rent luxury apartments and enjoy all its amenities, including a colorful, spacious children´s playroom.
There, kids can play with the most fun toys, meet other children and spend a wonderful time together. Children can spend hours playing with the many games and books found in here. It features an array of books, games and toys, as well as a colorful mural and comfortable furniture.


They can definitely spend the whole day in this room and have the best time ever.


River Place is a place you can consider moving not only because its playroom but also because it offers its residents luxury units for rent with big windows, views of the Manhattan skyline and Hudson River and top of the line appliances.


Apartments are cozy, luminous, very well layed out.


On the other hand, you can also take advantage of all of its amenities, such as indoor swimming pool, outdoor tennis courts, indoor basketball court, state-of-the-art fitness center, concierge, private gatehouse drive and shuttle bus which will take you in just a few minutes to Midtown Manhattan.
All of the above and because it features a fantastic children´s playroom is why River Place is a great place to live.


Throw a holiday pool party in Manhattan.

nyc apartment with pool

NYC apartment with pool : Organizing a party

nyc apartment with pool

Organizing a party is always fun and exciting, and if you own a NYC apartment with pool it couldn´t be better!

In Manhattan you´ve got millions of amazing things to do. Places to hang out and top restaurants to dine.It´s almost impossible to get bored in this frenetic city, and if you love spending time with your friends, throwing you own holiday pool party is the best way to spend your time!

So what about organizing a Halloween or Thanksgiving party in the pool?

What things you should take into consideration? River Place located at 650 West, 42nd Street    ( https://www.riverplacenyc.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/swimming-pool-gym-health-fitnessis a place where luxury meets function and play. An oasis by the river, you will surely enjoy to the fullest as it offers its residents a unique lifestyle.

Its no fee rental apartments offer spacious studios, one and two bedroom residences in a superb environment where residents are greeted by a doorman and concierge every time they come home.

Just steps away from Time Square, most of its apartments feature floor to ceiling windows, hardwood floors, amazing kitchens, stainless steel appliances and modern bathrooms with marble finishes.

It also offers fun activities and great amenities, such as a superb fitness center, a huge swimming pool (where you can plan your holiday party!), outdoor tennis courts, indoor basketball, doorman, concierge and much more!

Also, if you have kids at home…

…you can take them to the playroom where they will have a wonderful time! This is simply the best place to live, which also offers its residents a complete event calendar to help you plan ahead for your next activity or party!

Plan your event at the River Club Lounge in the private waterfront setting!

You´ve got several apartments to choose from in this wonderful place and I´ve chosen the perfect residence for you!Rent a one bedroom apartment for $3790 and start enjoying everything Riverplace has to offer!


A very nice and luxurious apartment, you will surely get the most out of it! And meanwhile plan your party with friends in the exclusive lounge!

For Halloween, of course, you must use your best costume! Which character do you identify with? Frankenstein? Dracula? Or maybe a modern horror killer like Jason or Michael Myers?


You choose the apartment! Make the party yours!


Decoration is also a must! Pumpkins, together with spiders and spider webs cannot miss! And if you decide to make the party at night, candles are also a good complemental choice.

Make your list, invite your friends, put on your bathing suites and choose the best masks! For sure whatever you plan to do, if it´s with friends, there´s no doubt it will be a success!



Eating Organic has never been easier.

green-living apartment rentals nyc.png

Over the last several years people have become more aware of the benefits of eating healthy.  Natural and organic food is being consumed by millions of people around the world every day.


It has become a fashionable way of living and the same is happening with green apartments in NYC, where contributing to helping the environment is mandatory.


If you wanna change your lifestyle, and live a healthier life like many Americans who have converted to this green way of life, the good news is the Hudson Market has opened a second location in the Big Apple, so if you are about to move to a high-rise apartment for rent in Manhattan you can find organic food right away and take advantage of this convenient factor.


One of these two markets is located at 811 7th Avenue just off the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers NY.This Buffet offers kid-friendly breakfast food such as oatmeal and cereals, in a casual contemporary setting with street views.

You can taste daily delicious fresh fruits and natural food. You will hardly find a better breakfast in NYC.


Before heading out to a tedious work day, stop by the Hudson Market and enjoy the classic American breakfast buffet in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.It´s decorated absolutely beautifully  with warm red leather, rich woods and soft velvet, creating a friendly and cozy atmosphere where you will feel absolutely relaxed.


This market offers choices suitable for everyone so it doesn’t matter if you are up to healthy food or not, you can choose any course you prefer.This place is perfect for business travelers or families alike. A place you will fully enjoy with market-inspired ingredients.


This restaurant is absolutely gorgeous because it offers all sorts of options and is in a convenient location.Start changing your life now! Eat healthy and find your green-living apartment rentals at NYC! You can find some available eco-friendly luxury apartments here http://www.via57west.com/search

Dogs Deserve a Christmas Present Too

Ultra Luxury Manhattan Apartments.

Dog-Friendly Manhattan ultra luxury apartments

 Ultra Luxury Manhattan Apartments.

When people think of New York, they usually think of Manhattan, which is an island barely 12 miles long and 2 miles wide. This island is the main tourist area in the city and where most visitors stay. Manhattan consists of many neighborhoods. New York City is very densely populated but is surprisingly dog-friendly. Although you can’t take your dog to a Broadway Show there are a surprising number of things you and your visiting or resident dog can do together.


Visitors and residents of Manhattan often want to shop the large and famous stores. In New York, many of these stores are pet friendly stores including Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany’s, Restoration Hardware and Polo Ralph Lauren. Please check with the individual stores before bringing your dog in, as policies in stores often do change. We have found that if you ask at a lot of New York stores they will welcome your dog. Especially smaller ones but even larger dogs on leash are often welcome. Especially dog-friendly is the Time Warner Shopping Center, an indoor mall on Columbus Circle at 8th Avenue and 59th Street.


Dog-friendly Shopping Center near your apartment in Manhattan. 

manhattan luxury studio apartments

This shopping center is at the south west corner of Central Park so it is a great place to shop following a walk in Central Park with your dog.  Also, your leashed dog can go with you to the outdoor South Street Seaport near the Brooklyn Bridge. If you want to dine with your dog in New York, you will need to find a patio restaurant with seats on the sidewalk. There are many dog-friendly restaurants, and you can ask any restaurant you see that has sidewalk seating if your dog is welcome.

One thing that dogs like to do is to walk the Brooklyn Bridge for the scenery. There are guided walking tours of lower Manhattan that welcome dogs. The Central Park carriage rides welcome dogs accompanying you. You can take your dog to the grounds of the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site on East 20th Street, the General Grant National Monument and the Federal Hall National Memorial outside. Or for a closer look you can take your small dog on the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island or any size dog on the Seastreak Ferry to New Jersey. The William Secord Art Gallery at 52 East 76th Street welcomes your leashed dog with you. But Manhattan is above all a walking town, which your dog will probably like. You can view the famous landmarks, the Empire State Building, Grand Central, Madison Square Garden and the awesome New York skyline from the street with your dog.

Off-Leash Dog Parks

New York City has more off-leash dog parks than any other city in the United States. There are off-leash dog parks in all areas of the city. The dog parks are free and no permits are required. Leashed dogs are allowed in Central Park, the huge green rectangle in the center of the map of Manhattan. The Canine Court is located in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx and includes an agility course. If your dog wants to swim in New York, you can go to the Prospect Park Dog Beach in Brooklyn. This is a man made concrete beach. This beach is fenced. As far as Atlantic Ocean beaches are concerned dogs are not allowed on the sand at any NYC beach from May 1 to September 30. During the rest of the year, dogs are allowed on the Sand at some of the New York Beaches, including Rockaway Beach, Coney Island and some other beaches. Leashed dogs are allowed on the boardwalks and promenade at Coney Island, Brighton, Midland, South and Manhattan Beaches year round. 

Ultra Luxury Manhattan Apartments for You and Your Dog

Manhattan’s luxury studio apartments

For no fee luxury apartments in NYC, Silver Towers, located at 620 West 42nd Street, is your best bet. Built on the western side of Silver Towers is a public park. An outdoor landscape engages residents in an inviting, open air surrounding. The quarter-acre public park brings together the local community within a space that speaks to the neighborhood’s diverse character, and the myriad rhythms of urban life. The central open space is surrounded by numerous pavilions, an enclosed dog run, tables and chairs for lounging and picnicking.

Silver Towers best feature for dogs is their Spot Experience Dog Daycare, onsite and open 7 days a week. Spot Canine Club provides a wide variety of services to pamper and care for your canine friends. 

Rent Ranges at Silver Towers

Manhattan’s luxury studio apartments at Silver Towers range from $3,500 to $3,700 per month. The rent for a one bedroom ranges from $4,200 to $6,000 per month, depending on the location of the unit. And a two bedroom rental will range from $5,500 to $7,300 per month.

Besides the Spot Experience Dog Daycare, white glove services, a state-of-the-art health club with a 75-foot long swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms, entertaining rooftop lounge with BBQ and wet bar, doorman service, concierge service, on-site indoor parking, business center and conference room and shuttle buses are just some of the offerings that enhance the ease of living at Silver Towers with your pooch.


So with the holidays just around the corner, don’t forget what a wonderful present the Silver Towers would be for you AND your dog.







Classic vs modern residences – Flatiron district NYC.

Modern residences in Flatiron District, New York City

Modern residences in Flatiron District, New York City

Modern residences in Flatiron District, New York City

Classic or modern residences? Do you know the difference between the two? Why some people choose classic apartments rather than modern?

We can find amazing modern residences in the Flatiron District NYC you will love, even if you prefer a classic style.


Both have their own charm, both styles can be really exciting, but let´s look at the differences between them. After reading this post maybe you can make your decision on how to decorate your next home.

Modern has a clean-lined structure, while in classic residences you can find a traditional style. Pre-war buildings usually have this kind of structure and deco.


You can also find apartments for rent with modern roof terraces, something very common nowadays, where this type of construction can be seen quite often.

So let´s take a look and see these two styles in different apartments in Flatiron District:


  1. Modern Studio for rent-Chelsea.

In this beautiful studio, located in Chelsea at 315 7th Avenue, we can appreciate a clean style which indicates to us it´s a modern structure, but what stands out most is the type of lighting used. Dichroic are also considered modern. Take a look!



  1. Classic 3 bedroom apartment. 5th

Although, this fabulous residence features dichroic lights we can also consider it classic, because of the shape of its windows, hardwood floors, and walls. It´s traditional, cozy and amazing!

It has a mix of both, classic and modern. Take a look at the bathroom, it is totally modern, while the living area with its bricks, as well as, the kitchen, gives it a classic style.



  1. Modern 2 bed, 2 bath apartment, ultra-luxury at Chelsea.

Ultra-luxury and yet modern is this two bed, two bath apartment located at W29th St. apt 49C. It features 951 SQFT. And has stunning views of the Empire Estate Building.

Take a look at its décor, its dichroic lights, metallic walls, and furniture give it a modern style!

This building represents a new level of sophisticated city living.



  1. Classic One bedroom apartment-Chelsea.

If we take a look at the pictures in this apartment located on Sixth Avenue in North Chelsea, apt 16L we can see it’s a classic unit in a modern building.

Some of its décor is modern, such as the main picture hanging in the living room and the furniture in the dining room.

But as a whole, we appreciate a classic style.



  1. Modern luxury one bedroom apartment –West 29th

Live in luxury at its finest in this amazing “Hotel Style Living” apartment at Perkins Eastman.

We can appreciate the modern style through its white color and decorations. It has a clean structure easy to distinguish between classic and modern. A Beautiful style to consider.



Now that you have an idea of the difference between classic vs modern style, I  hope youa re able to choose your favorite. If you are searching for classic residences in Flatiron District, be aware that eco-friendly apartments for rent in NYC are usually modern residences so maybe you can look for a prewar building structure.

Anyway, whatever building you chose to live in, you can use your own decoration, and your own style, it will surely be the best! So go ahead and rent your next modern or classic apartment and make it beautiful and personal!











Brooklyn Commercial Apartments for Rental: Suggested Apartment Finder of the Month

brooklyn commercial apartments for rental

Brooklyn Heights rentals no fee

brooklyn commercial apartments for rental


If you want to find Brooklyn Heights rentals you can do it using a wonderful tool!


We know that just thinking about moving is stressful and that the last thing we want to do is spent hours searching for our next home. Sometimes (most of the times) we are starting our apartment hunt without even knowing where to start.

So, I´ve created for you not only a list of 5 different apartments for rent in Brooklyn heights, but I´ll also explain how this fantastic tool works!


At http://twotreesny.com/search  you can find your apartment in a very easy way!

Check “Neighborhoods”, “Brooklyn Heights”, and use the tool for comparison. You´ve got residential and commercial options, so if you want to find Brooklyn commercial apartments for rental this is the perfect way to do so. You can also use different filters such as number of bedrooms, bath, price, and amenities. These amenities could include but aren’t limited to things such as: pets allowed, gym, doorman, roof deck, washer/dryer and anything you need!

Each residence has its floor plans so you have no surprises! And you can also see the map for the exact location! As you can see, this site is awesome and I highly recommend it.

So now let´s check some apartments to rent in Brooklyn heights:


  1. 125 Court Street-Suite #9NK-Studio.

Rent this studio for $2,640 at a building that has it all.  Located at the intersection of Brooklyn Heights, Coble Hills and downtown Brooklyn. Appreciate its hardwood floors, designer kitchens, and marble bathrooms and make of it the perfect place to live.

Take a look!



  1. Cobble Hill Mews- Suite #2C -1 bedroom, 1 bath.

Beautiful one bedroom apartment at the price of $ 3,445 per month.

Located in Brooklyn´s historic district.  This building comes with high-performance kitchens and baths, hardwood floors, rooftop terraces with superb skyline views and a shared recreation space.A must see!



  1. 110 Livingstone-Suite #17B-2 bedroom, 2 bath.

A celebrated building in the middle of it all! Rent this modern two bed, two bath apartment with marble bath, bamboo floors, and kitchens with professional-grade appliances. Enjoy its’ fitness center and outdoor courtyard, 24 hour concierge and beautiful lobby. If you love luxury, this is the perfect place for you! Rent it for $5,125.



  1. 164 Atlantic-Suite #4A- 1 bedroom, 1 bath.

Find your next home at this original and classic New York building.  An artifact of the nautical past that features spacious residences, original exposed brick, supportive wood beams and cast iron columns! Find your one bed, one bath apartments in Brooklyn heights at $4,190 here! http://twotreesny.com/search?category=residential


  1. 125 Court Street-Suite #7NJ-2 bedroom, 1 bath.

At this building you can find awesome apartments to rent in Brooklyn Heights! And here you can rent this beautiful 2 bed, one bath apartment in a building that features awesome amenities: underground parking, private terraces, a courtyard and a 40,000 SQFT. fitness center! All for $4,940 and it’s yours!



So now you know if you want to rent apartments in Brooklyn Heights or search Brooklyn Heights rentals with no fee, just use this useful tool and you will find your next home in the blink of an eye!

Feel free to comment or make any suggestions!


Do you know?




Brooklyn has approximately 2.5 million residents, which means if it were to be separated from the rest of New York City, Brooklyn would become the 4th most populous U.S. city.


Brooklyn is the 7th most populous county in the United States behind such major cities as Los Angeles and San Diego.











One bedroom apartments for rent Midtown West with Pyramid of Manhattan views.

One bedroom apartments for rent Midtown West premium rental residences lincoln square

Love New York City and its huge residences and skyscrapers? Then you´ve probably heard about the Pyramid of Manhattan, that sumptuous building created by the genius of Bjarke Ingels. Everything in it cries out luxury! It´s modern with splendid views and built with fine materials, a real jewel in the cool neighborhood of Hell´s Kitchen.
One bedroom apartments for rent Midtown West premium rental residences lincoln square

What´s most outstanding about this building is it´s Pyramidal shape that has been of great influence for architects over the last decade.  The architect had put an unconventional twist on the classic Manhattan high-rise tower. It offers spectacular river views, bright residences and a beautiful, lush planted courtyard that brings life to its residents.

Living at VIA 54 West is a dream come true to anyone who really knows how to appreciate beauty and luxury.  This building is located in one of the most sophisticated neighborhoods, near top restaurants and cool markets.

Of course it also offers the best amenities for its residents who enjoy relaxing at its indoor swimming pool, exercising at its complete fitness center, or spending time with their friends at the exclusive lounge.

The building is so complete and luxurious that it makes it difficult for people to rent an apartment as there are premium rental residences at Lincoln Square.  So they prefer to find a residence nearby with equally stunning views as the ones Via 54 West offers.

So if you are searching for a one bedroom apartment to rent in Midtown West maybe you should consider taking a look at this list!

  1. Mercedes House: 550 West -54th

Beautiful apartment with floor to ceiling windows and sunny south-facing corner. Enjoy its hardwood floors, chef´s kitchen with stainless steel appliances and terrific amenities: swimming pools, health club, on-site indoor parking and more!

Take a look!



  1. 351 West 51st

Enjoy this awesome one bedroom, one bath apartment at Midtown West. Do you owe pets? No problem at all! This building is pet friendly and will allow you take your best friend with you to your next home!

Great location and unobstructed views of the city!



  1. 347 West 57th Street

Want to live at an apartment with a renovated kitchen and marble bathroom? Then, take a look at this beautiful residence with open North views and spacious closet spaces. Just steps away from Central Park, Time Warner and Lincoln Center is this awesome building you will enjoy to the fullest.



  1. 330 West 58th Street

This spacious, renovated one bedroom apartment has granite countertops and bathroom, a dishwasher, as well as, offering awesome city views.

It´s a luxury building located at an elite neighborhood where you can find the best top restaurants and shops in the area.

Take a look at this link and reserve yours now!



  1. 554 West 54th

Enjoy this one bed, one bath apartment in a beautiful building that has it all. Stunning views of the Hudson River and beautifully furnished is this residence where you will find your next home for good. World class amenities and health club included. Must see!!



Hope your next step is moving to a Midtown West apartment as here you will find luxury residences you will fall in love at first sight! Enjoy everything New York has to offer you, enjoy life to the fullest!




LGBTQ Bronx Community Happy about Affordable Luxury Apartments for the Elders

apartment for rent in the bronx

apartment for rent in the bronx

So it seems everyone is happy about the possibility of older people finding an apartment for rent in the Bronx and at the same time taking advantage of certain benefits given by the state.

Such is the case of the LGBTQ community (which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) who showed very pleased with this benefit.


These shiny, happy people think it´s fair for elders have the chance to rent affordable luxury apartments in the Bronx and to use this benefit if they really need to. This will give its tenants tranquility. Knowing that in the worst of the cases they can count with the government.



What is it about? Can you save money if you live in an apartment for rent in the Bronx NY?


The Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption program (known as SCRIE) will freeze rent for tenants over 62 years old who earn less than $50.000/year and for disabled New Yorkers. This way they´ll give the chance to seniors who can´t afford the rent to continue living at their homes without thinking about the possibility of moving. Of course, to apply to this program they must qualify to the conditions mentioned above.


LGBTQ is one of the largest communities in New York and the Bronx isn´t the exception as it offers a wide variety of services specially for clients who identify as LGBT.

Six months ago, the Bronx Community Pride Center closed after his executive director was charged with looting it and, Reyes, a gay Bronx teen said that when that happened, he and his peers felt really upset as they utilized the center for services, support and to find someone to talk to.


So now the community is planning to open another center to serve the borough´s gay and lesbian community. For them what´s most important is to meet the need of the community in this new center.


Since 1996 The Bronx Community Pride Center had offered services from HIV testing to support group and dance classes. Opening a new center will definitely change their lives. Fortunately they have good news about getting more affordable places to live, as Brooklyn and the Bronx will host housing developments aimed at LGBT seniors.


These two housing developments will be available for all seniors who meet certain requirements.  They will have services and Advocacy for LGBT elders centers that will offer support for residents so now they can have their own apartment for rent in Bronx.


The Ingersoll and the Crotona Senior Residences will be the first of their kind in New York, a place where people who identify with LGBT will be happy to find their own place to live and share their lives!


Professional real estate team from NYC “Pokemon Go is the next sales point”.

property management nyc company, professional brokerage team nyc


What if I told you your residence is worth thousands because of the Pokemon Go phenomenon? Ok, let me put this more simply. If you´ve heard of the Pokemon Go fever you know people actually go crazy searching for its  creatures “in the real world” and would do anything, believe me ANYTHING to catch as many Pokemon as possible.  Even if that meant they have to buy a new house rich in Pokemon in the area.

property management nyc company, professional brokerage team nyc

As crazy as it seems, game lovers are starting to search for residences to buy or rent where they can find Pokemon. to make “their dream come true”.

Pokemon Go is a game that in only a week has revolutionized the technology area achieving records in downloads and generating millions of dollars a day!


A professional brokerage team in NYC is considering using the Nintendo App functions as an interesting new sales point.  They think some apartments searching apps like FirstService.com may include Pokemon Go related data around the properties being able, this way, to increase their sales.


Craiglisters, for example, had started to list residences according to the proximity of Pokemon gyms and Pokestops as a way of attracting potential roommates.


Advertisings such as “There is a gym, two Pokestops and the last owner found a Mewtwo here” or “Pokemon and Poke Stop right in the room, you can catch´ em all while laying on the bed” can be find more often in different publications.


Also, a property management NYC company plays with the fact that some Pokemon are rare and very hard to find, so they list houses and apartments located in areas where people can actually find this rare creatures. Good strategy right?

The truth is people are fascinated with this game and even if you do agree or not. The fever that this game has unleashed is real. So my dear real estate friends and owners of residences for sale, maybe this is the right moment to take advantage of this massive craziness and start publishing your homes (with Pokemons nearby) at really VERY convenient prices for you and I have no doubt they will take it out of your hands!


So is the world my friends!


Follow me at my next blog and feel free to make any comments or suggestions and I´ll be glad to answer you back!

Have a wonderful day!




What is an eco-friendly residence?

X eco-friendly residences nomad


If you think of an eco-friendly residence, what´s the first thing that comes to your mind? Living in a wooden house in the middle of a jungle? Be a nomad? Rent an apartment in Nomad? Ha! I knew it! But what if I told you, you can live in a luxury eco-friendly residence, would you believe it´s true?

X eco-friendly residences nomad

Well, it is!  So don´t worry, you won´t find your husband shouting out like Tarzan! An eco-friendly home is far from that! And has to do more on how we connect with natural things and learning to save money.

Eco- friendly is kind of a modern concept, that´s why many people don’t know what it really means. It seems nowadays everyone´s pro-natural and is, fortunately, more conscious of the damage we caused (and are still causing) to our world. Modern architects keep in mind the eco-impact more and more when building residences even in populated areas like Nomad where you can see many green considerations in buildings designs like this http://www.eosnomad.com/

So if you are willing to move to an eco-friendly home, here are the 5 things an eco-residence must have:


Enjoy daylight.


Illuminate your residence naturally with the rays of light. Use wide south side windows and invite the sun in. It will give you heat in winter and will fill your home with positive energy. A bright home will surely change your mood.


Breathe fresh air, circulation in your home is very important.


It is essential for any healthy home so choose cleaning products without toxic chemicals and instead use natural wood finishes. Besides you can use an integrated air filtration system with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) that will make you feel the difference.


Conserve energy in your residence.


Just think holes in the walls, doors and windows allow air loss. This way you lose heat in winter and feel lack of air during the summer. How can you avoid this? Make sure your windows fit tight with good insulation.


Use light bulbs.


Saving energy is very important so the best way to do so is to start using compact fluorescent bulbs. Just one CFL will make you save $15 annually! Now, multiply that by the number of lamps in your home! Still willing to use the classic old light system?


Keep in touch with nature.


You can do this by creating an indoor-outdoor connection. Let the shade of the trees protect you in summer and use it to add fresh air into your home. Connect your house with a patio or an open area and that way you´ll be able to enjoy it to the fullest.


Ok, so maybe you are also searching for eco- friendly residences Nomad and I find it absolutely awesome! Just take into account these tips every eco-residence must have. You´ll get use to living this natural way and once you do you´ll see how your life will change for good!


Follow me at my next blog!