Pay the Rent at your Eco-Friendly Luxury Apartments in NYC from your Smartphone

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Luxury highrise Manhattan apartments have a certain appeal to residents as they offer quality amenities and incentives. From outdoor movie screening areas to luxury pools and spas, renters want more for their money and luxury properties offer just that. One of the most recent perks added to such rentals is a smartphone application that be used in a number of ways, even paying the monthly rent!

Rose Associates has created a customized application that is being used by many eco-friendly luxury apartments in NYC. With the application, renters have the ability to pay their rent, arranging fitness classes, scheduling dry cleaning, package notifications and even reserving the common areas. With the application, renters have several aspects at their fingertips which makes living in the apartment building much more convenient.

The application by Rose is similar to other versions of apartment aps as created by Extell Development and Brookfield Properties. By offering such convenient options, renters are more likely to stick around or choose the apartment building as their new home. Buildings that use the applications have seen a large percentage of engagement with their renters.

It is not surprising to see such technology become popular. Consumers already use their smartphones for online shopping, ordering groceries, setting appointments and so much more. By integrating the technology of applications for rental property amenities, it provides renters with a convenience factor that they will soon come to love.

If this type of technology appeals to you, look for tech options when searching for green-living apartments in NYC. You may be surprised at the number of buildings that have integrated the technology and we should see even more landlords using such applications to help tenants have better access to services and amenities. It certainly is a unique feature that is sure to be used by the majority of renters.

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