How Did Apartments for Rent in Midtown NYC Get Their Names?

EOS apartments for rent in Midtown NYC are named after a Greek goddess

Have you ever wondered how buildings acquired their names? Most of the time, the name of the building is associated with the street address making locating it easier and recognizable. For instance, Rockefeller Center is located at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, NY.

Other times, their names are derived from the general location of the building. For example, New York has long been known as The Empire State. So it would stand to reason that the tallest building, towering 1,454 feet from ground to tip in New York City from the time it was built in 1931 until 1970, would be named the Empire State Building.

The Dakota Apartments at 1 West 72nd Street were built in 1884, designed by architect Henry J. Hardenbergh, who also designed the Plaza Hotel. According to popular legend, the Dakota was so named because, at the time it was built, the Upper West Side of Manhattan was sparsely inhabited and considered as remote as the Dakota Territory.

Some buildings are named after the owner or their family. Take Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue…obviously this building and the entire chain are named after President Donald J. Trump. However, I don’t think when he named his first tower he knew that one day he would be 45th President of the United States of America.

Another building with a family name is The Vanderbilt located at 235 East 40th Street. Some would think that the residential building was named after denim jeans heiress Gloria Vanderbilt. It’s named after her ancestor Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, and he is considered one of the men who helped build America in the mid 1800’s. The rise and fall of the Vanderbilt family still pervades American historical lore.  The Vanderbilts came from modest beginnings, rose to prominence with the arrival of the railroad and still reside in New York City to this day.

There are new, modern and elegant apartments for rent in Midtown NYC called EOS located at 100 West 31st Street, New York City. EOS is named after the rosy-fingered Greek goddess of dawn. According to Wikipedia, EOS rose each morning from her home at the edge of the Oceanus, and opened the gates of heaven for the Sun to rise.

If you’d like to find out what it’s really like to rise in the morning at EOS, check their website to find out which units are currently available.

Hire a Local Designer to Outfit Your Dumbo Brooklyn Apartments

dumbo brooklyn apartments If you have seen what this guy did with his own 700 square foot apartment, I don’t think you would hesitate to ask him for some tips on how to coordinate your living space. Not only did he design and decorate his own space, but he seems to be pretty handy, too.

The interior design he did in his own DUMBO apartment was the subject of a feature article at late last month. Most everything he used to decorate his apartment was purchased from stores where normal, everyday people shop. A few of the highlighted items in the article include material from national chain stores like Home Depot, J.C Penney, IKEA. Wall hangings are the work of local artists.

Aboody is the Co-founder of Clean Slate, a team of two interior designers. His services have recently been acquired by Urban View, a Brooklyn developer, to design the interior of 17 new buildings in Bushwick and Williamsburg. Aboody told that all 17 lobbies will contain the work of local artists, essentially becoming a “gallery space for Brooklyn artists.”

Finding affordable apartments in DUMBO Brooklyn is difficult, but to add to the stress of a new place is the money one needs to spend decorating it. After moving across the country into a 700 square foot 1-bedroom apartment at the DUMBO Lofts at 65 Washington Street in Brooklyn, I needed to buy all new everything. Trust me when I tell you that I have no clue what it takes to put an apartment together. I guess I am lucky that my friends don’t mind that I, literally, have no style.

I wish I would have heard about this guy a while ago. I would have asked him to help me decorate my place. I like the fact that he used pieces that I can actually afford, from stores where I actually shop.